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MilanodeLoteria consists of three fantastic prize categories, and players must match six winning numbers. The figure is taken from a drum with a range of 1-9 guesses.

And number rotation starts from the 3rd prize to the 1st prize. The lucky winner guesses 6 numbers in the first prize, will get an additional jackpot prize

Generous lotteries offer the chance to win one price, and for the latest price category, players are just an extra number. Milano de Loteria lottery victory tax free!

Claiming Lottery Prizes

All National Lottery prizes in Italy are valid for 30 days after the draw. Find out how to claim prizes depending on the amount you have won and whether you have played online or in a store. More information about the results of the victory, you can see in the More Result section Unclaimed prizes within the specified time period will be forfeited